Top 3 Star Hotels of Switzerland in the media

Jun 2023 Hotel Gädi Grächen new at Best 3 Star Hotels
Jun 2023
Swiss CountryLove: Competition
June 2023
Hotelière: JUCKERs Boutique-Hotel
Mar 2023 Kreuz Kappel new at Best 3 Star Hotels
Publireportage: 26 privately managed hotel pearls
Oct 2022
Hotelière: The Wichmans - a story with fairytale features
Nov 2022
Hotelière: The best 25 winter hotels with 3 stars and lodges
Jun 2022
Swiss CountryLove: Competition
Feb 2022 Jucker's Boutique becomes a Best 3 Star Hotel
Feb 2022
Solothurner Zeitung: Mister Cool with a new supply contract
Feb 2022
Hotellerie Gastronomie Zeitung: Cooperation with Mister Cool
Sept 2021
Sonntagszeitung: The Lötschentaler with vision

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